An Interview with TIARA Shower Cap® Inventor Zuly Matallana

Why a new Shower Cap? What’s so different about TIARA Shower Cap®? Inventor Zuly Matallana explains.

Without elastic, how does your shower cap keep out moisture?

The terry cloth band fits snug against the skin and holds its shape after repeated washing. There is elastic at the back of the cap to secure the fit, but it is in a place that will not leave visible marks on the skin. The cap offers the same protection as elastic at the front, but it is much softer and will not leave red marks on the forehead.

You talked about marks on the forehead. Is that a major concern for consumers?

It definitely is. Women are concerned about taking care of their foreheads, where wrinkles often appear. The tight elastic on traditional shower caps is very hard on the skin. It pinches and creases the skin, which is never a good thing. And those creases can last a surprisingly long time. No one wants to leave the house with red marks on their forehead or risk having those creases turn into permanent wrinkles!

How did you come up with the TIARA shape?

I had spent so much time looking for the right shower cap; that is, one that didn’t pinch and leave red marks, or stretch so much after a couple of uses that water could get inside. I checked salons and retailers all over North America and couldn’t find anything close to what I wanted. I knew there had to be a better option.

I put a lot of thought into what was wrong with traditional shower caps and it always came back to the elastic. In new shower caps, the elastic across the forehead can be very tight and leave those awful red marks on the skin. I knew that the answer to creating a comfortable shower cap was replacing the elastic at the front. But I needed a solution that would keep moisture out. I decided to add terry cloth on the inside of the cap to add comfort and help wick away moisture. I then designed a wide band that would fit securely across the forehead to lock out water. Because it sits high on the forehead, the band looks very much like a tiara, so that’s where the name came from.

How did you ensure the cap wouldn’t stretch after a few uses?

I visited many manufacturers in China to find the perfect fabrics for the TIARA. I wanted materials that would hold their shape and softness after repeated washings. Both the terry cloth and the waterproof outer layer have been tested to ensure they stand up to a lot of use and machine washing.

The fabric is waterproof, but it’s not PVC like we’re used to seeing in a shower cap. What is the fabric?

It is made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s a great option because it is sustainable and waterproof and perfectly suited to shower caps—it has a soft, luxurious feel and gives us lots of options for colours and designs. Being made of recycled plastic means we don’t waste energy producing new plastic, and we keep plastic drink bottles out of the waste stream.

When reversed, the cap can also be used for deep conditioning treatments.

Yes, that is absolutely correct. The fabric we have chosen is ideal for holding in the moisture of deep conditioners so you can be sure you are getting the maximum benefit. You simply turn the cap inside out, complete your treatment, and then drop the cap in the washer to clean it.

Where can women buy TIARA Shower Cap®?

TIARA Shower Cap can be purchased directly from our websites & or you can find it at and or The Grommet

Proudly make a sustainable Choice. Buy your TIARA Today!

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