Shower Caps

It Is Time to Ditch the Disposable and Poorly Made Shower Caps

How many times have you put a shower cap to use in your life? Shower caps are one of those types of products where you need them, but they never seem to get the job done to meet your expectations. Traditional shower caps are made to be disposable, made of cheap plastic. The idea with many of these shower caps is you use them one time, they may work decently, but then you throw them away and move onto the next one. How does that help you as a consumer and also how does that help the environment in any way?


Shower caps need to be manufactured more intelligently and that is exactly what left to the creation of the TIARA Shower Cap. Our team set out to create shower caps that you could use more than once, that would be good for the environment, and meet all of the functionality expectations you want going into it with a shower cap product.


Helping the Planet


We need to do all that we can to help the environment. Using shower caps that we throw away after a use or two is not doing any good. All of that plastic ends up in the trash and our oceans, running the chances for our planet’s long-term survival. The TIARA Shower Cap we have created has sustainability top of mind. The goal with the shower cap is to create a product that will last you for at least one year.


We want to get rid of disposable shower caps all at once, eliminating the risk they harm our environment any longer. When you need caps for showers, we want you pulling out your reliable TIARA Shower Cap rather than the disposable one you have lying around. Caps for showers should be made with the economy in mind, the planet in mind, and you as a consumer top of mind.