Taking Shower Caps to the Next Level With a TIARA

How frustrated do you get when you put on a shower cap and it fails to do its job? So many showers caps are made from some of the cheapest plastic material the world knows. You have a poorly made elastic trying to keep it on your head, plastic that may rip or leak with the slightest movement, and so on. When you go to take a shower, you want more from your shower cap. We understand that and that is exactly why we set out to create the TIARA Shower Cap. We wanted to create a shower cap that works for you, the consumer so that you can enjoy your shower that much more.


There is a lot of functionality wins with the TIARA Shower Cap that is worth mentioning here. You want to take your shower to the next level and the TIARA Shower Cap helps you get there. When we set out to create our product, we wanted to focus on functionality and the way the TIARA was designed has all of that put into a nice and tidy package.


Functionality All-Around


The TIARA Shower Cap has a lot of functionality benefits that you simply cannot ignore. With the TIARA Shower Cap, we have gotten rid of the elastic band, going with a different material to help it comfortably stay on your head, avoid leaks, and so on. If you need a womens shower cap, you know there is nothing worse than going with one that leaks and fails to do its main purpose.


The other great thing about the TIARA Shower Cap is that, for a womens shower cap, it is fully reversible. For hair masques, you can use it to put on your head. From there, it will absorb the natural heat from that area of your body, allowing it to do a conditioning treatment right on your hair in a thorough fashion. When the treatment is over, all you have to do us put the TIARA Shower Cap in the washer and dryer and you will be ready to go once again.