Large Shower Cap

Finding a Shower Cap To Fit Your Head and Reuse Time and Time Again

There are two pieces of criteria you are usually looking to meet when you are in search of a shower cap. The first is that you need a shower cap that is going to be able to fit your head. The second is that you want a shower cap that you can use more than once so that it can help you and also help the environment, our planet, along the way. When you are shopping for a shower cap, though, there are very few products that will meet those different criteria points you seek.


A large shower cap is one way to go. With a large shower cap, you will have the ability to find one that can fit your head. Having one that is too big, though, can also lead to the shower cap falling off, not doing its job to seal out the water, etc. A large shower cap needs to produce for the large-sized head, but also have a mechanism where it can hold itself on the head, seal out the water. That is exactly what we do with our TIARA Shower Cap.


Using it Again and Again


The other fact that you should be seeking out is a shower cap that can get put to use more than once. There are far too many shower caps made that you use just once and have to throw away, moving to the next one. All of that plastic that went into making the shower cap gets put to waste, you end up throwing it in the barrel, moving on to the next


A reusable shower cap is something that we set out to create with the TIARA Shower Cap. With our reusable shower cap, you can make use of it time and time again. You can use our shower cap once, twice, multiple times. When it needs to be washed, all you have to do is toss it in the washing machine, use the dryer, and move onto the next thing.