Without elastic at the front, how does your shower cap keep out moisture?


The Terry lined soft cotton towel band fits snug against the skin and holds its shape after repeated washing. There is elastic at the back of the cap to secure the fit, but it is in a place that will not leave visible marks on the skin. The cap offers the same protection as elastic at the front, but it is much softer and will not leave red marks on the forehead.



TIARA Shower Cap® is made out of recycled plastic bottles, really?


Yes, it is made from recycled plastic bottles. The fabric is a great option because it is waterproof and perfectly suited to shower caps—it has a soft, luxurious feel and gives us lots of options for colours and designs.



Does TIARA Shower Cap® fit all hair types?


Yes. The TIARA is a generous size, ensuring that people with very thick, curly hair or very long hair can fit all of their hair inside.



Is TIARA Shower Cap® machine washable?


Yes. You can wash and dry your TIARA. Just drop the cap in the washer and dryer to clean it. Forget all about smelly shower caps because this is the future!



Can I use it for deep conditioning treatments?


Yes! The TIARA Shower Cap® is the perfect choice for hair masques and deep conditioning treatments. Simply apply your conditioner and put the cap on inside out. Because the TIARA is machine washable, you can use it with cream conditioners and oils without worry over stains or residue. The TIARA will come out of the washer completely clean and ready to use again and again.



I have questions about my order. Who should I contact?


By e-mail at info@tiarashowercap.com you can also call us at

1-866-26-TIARA. (1-866-268-4272)



What is your return policy?


If you are dissatisfied with your order, please notify us in writing by email at info@tiarashowercap.com within 7 days of receipt of your order. Please include your name, order number, and phone number.

For hygienic reasons, we only offer returns if your product is defective.

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